Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Joe Cole....give it a rest!

Listening to the press over the past few weeks and again today, you would not be wrong to presume Barcelona were about to get what they could for Messi, as they then could replace him with free transfer Joe Cole, obviously the most talented and best player in the world! Journo after journo have bleated on about how wonderful this bloke is and how he should be a must for the squad and the team! Harping back again to FOUR YEARS ago when, yes he did have a good tournament in amongst a sea of rubbish compared to some of his team mates, but this is 2010 when he has just come off the back of a season just finished where he played 26 games for Chelsea, 12 of which were as a sub, scoring a mighty 2 goals, although apparently he did have 9 assists. Not a first choice player for Ancelotti and very much a bit part at Chelsea for quite a while.
Another fine example of the sheep like mentality of the football media in this country where certain things almost become gospel, and at the moment, Joe Cole being the best thing since sliced bread is right up there. Chelsea, the double winners, don't appear to want to keep him for next season, but listen to the English hacks and as I say, that number 10 shirt at Barca, could soon have a little balding cockney inside it!

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